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Are inflation, feminism, and, entitlement programs creating a perfect storm of economic ruin for the United States?

Hell friggin’ YES

Anyone who hasn’t been living under a Jezebel imposed rock for the past couple years has been keenly aware of the Great American Decline (I’m coining that, feel free to steal it.)  While standards of living have never been higher, propped up and sustained by an ever increasing national debt, the country continues to fall to cultural and moral lows.  Keeping up with the Jones’s has resulted in massive credit card debt and a country full of people living well beyond their means – often by any means necessary.

It always amazes me when people speak of their “independence” and the great retarded social changes of our times.  If you’re on welfare, unemployment, food stamps, collecting child support and passing off your student loan to mommy and daddy – you are not independent.  Independence is the kid down the street mowing lawns, learning to value work, or the girl who skips parties to stay up learning how to set up her own event planning business.

I think the biggest problem our country is facing is the magnification of social issues in politics.  Equality, racism, feminism – pretty much any “ism” is a political distraction from the state of affairs that’s been brewing since Nixon wiped out the gold standard.  The right throws punches from the Bible’s corner, but the left opts for a self-important, circle-jerking intellectual high that leaves both sides want the title of claiming Holier than Thou.

In reality – with millions of people unemployed and literally living off the income tax of the rest of the country, when SHTF things like gay marriage and George Zimmerman won’t matter.  Only from a place of supreme privilege can one complain that your country doesn’t do enough for you/blacks/women/immigrants/LGBQRSTUV while said country isn’t just running up a massive tab – it’s buying the whole damn bar.

What can you do?

Ignore the noise.  Work hard, eat right and exercise (pretty much the best health insurance) and push yourself while everyone else complains and argues semantics, wallowing in their own helplessness.  Take advantage of the system when the opportunity presents itself and be in good standing when the day of reckoning comes a’knockin’.


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